Our Story

Being brought up with an Italian background fashion has been in the regressed soul of Ciottolina Designs founder. Possibly on the wrong path for many years he finally found his way back and combining his passions of technology and high end fashion Ciottolina Designs was born as a combination of an high end fashion online outlet store which includes some bespoke labels.

Ciottolina Designs is working to do two things, firstly, source premium authentic labels at discounted prices, secondly, we are launching our own brands under 'Ciottolina' & 'rmb281b', both quality but targeted at slightly different markets.

We work as an Online Outlet Shop for premium brands such as Jimmy Choo, D&G & Gucci to name a few. Our buyers in Europe and USA source limited products from the stores which are available for resale - all with authenticity cards, dust bags etc.

In February 2023 we launched our everyday brands, which offered the same great service however are targeted at the more cost conscious shopper.

In the coming months we are looking forward to releasing garments under our own label, this has been a long time coming and it has been worth the wait to be able to release the uniquely crafted artworks. 

Stay tuned and follow our blog for the latest updates.